Incredible sounds of Planet Earth. The sounds of nature recreate natural environments from all corners of the earth, from the sounds of rain forests to the sounds of deserts, glaciers, mountains and oceans.

We create videos that faithfully reproduce the sounds and atmosphere of different places on planet earth. Binaural sounds to relax in a deep immersive way. Sounds to meditate and reach higher states of consciousness through audio therapy.

The human body and mind connect with nature through vibration. The sound waves allow to generate high internal energy and unlock vital points in the body and mind. Here you can find amazing sounds to relax and find deep inspiration.

Temperate Forest Sunset | Relaxing Nature Sounds Birdsong in the woods – life before the darkness

Sonidos relajantes para dormir | Atardecer en Bosque Templado
Sonidos de la naturaleza que fielmente recrean el ambiente de los bosques templados del planeta tierra.

Música para dormir, sonidos ambientales, sonidos de
la naturaleza, música tranquila, música de yoga, música de estudio, sonidos relajantes, música hermosa y música relajante.

Música relajante para dormir profundamente y aliviar el estrés. Quedarse dormido con hermosos vídeos de la naturaleza y música relajante.

♫ – Atardecer en el Bosque Templado
Autor: Edgar Núñez Paz
Álbum: Forest Life

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Mondo Terra | Autor: Edgar Núñez Paz
Imágenes y videos autorizados: freepik, various artists

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